Sunday, May 1, 2016

49th Annual Summer School Day 6:(30-04-2016) Speaker:Sumangala Mummigatti Topic: Science Communication

Report 1:

Name : D. Raghavi
Group :  6

 I am Raghavi , from group 6 of the summer school .My report is about science communication session at the school, conducted by Mrs. Sumangala Mummigatti.
This day all of us got a chance to explore our creative talent. This chance was given by Sumangala Mummigatti ma’am. Everyone wanted to showcase their talent… so, they got a path to it.

At first ma’am gave us an introduction to science communication, later she continued it with examples. Then we came to the practical session where we were given tasks .We were divided into four groups  .It was our choice to choose anyone according to our capability.. We had an option to write an article, or a poem, or a drama , or a feature..

From my side I chose to write an article. My concept was to write about “Is there life on mars ? What supports life on earth ?”  I had prepared well before about it . So, I didn’t find it so difficult on the day. After everyone wrote they collected  the pages and ma'am read some of it. Later after a keen observation ma’am selected few articles, few poems and dramas. The first one was about ants. The next was a poem about light, with a good rhyming .Then a drama with the concept of garbage . It was good and realistic. Then was article about constellations .At last we had a story about communication. All of  the programs were good and had a message in it.

So, I thank everyone who supported us in this activity.

Report 2:

Name: Nagasubramanya.C

I am Nagasubramanya ,from group 6.

I opted for a story and performed the activity with my group. They had given us a time limit of hour . Our drama was about communication . Title  of our drama was Need for speed . Then my classmates supported a lot to me to prepare the story .ma’am selected  the best ones and asked them to read it.all of the programs had a good outcome and had a proper moral in it.

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