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49th Annual Summer School Day 2:(26-04-2016): Speaker Dr. Y.C Kamala Topic: Scientific temper

Today was the second day of the summer school. The speaker for today was Dr. Y.C.Kamala and the lecture was about scientific temper. We not only got to know about scientific temper but also about many other important facts in science. It was class filled with knowledge and facts. We were able to understand science phenomenon easily by this lecture. Here are a few key points which were said by the speaker in the course of the lecture.

Scientific temper is looking at different aspects of life in the view of science.
Science is anything that satisfies three objectives. They are-


According to the definition of scientific temper any statement is science if it is the same in quantity and is universal and is also objective.For example,  Kepler’s  three laws  are same in quantity anywhere in the universe. Similarly the properties of light are also same in quantity anywhere in the universe.
Scientific temper is a word that was coined by Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru . Scientific temper is included even in the constitution and is the duty of every citizen to have scientific temper.

 Why do we need scientific temper?
If a nation has to develop, the people of the must be aware of science. That's why scientific temper is important.

Dr.H.Narasimaiah is the founder of this organisation. He did his PhD in nuclear physics and started this organisation in 1962 to improve scientific temper in INDIA.
We also got to know about many important dates which are significant for establishing various research institutes in India.

They are:
1757- Battle of Plassey
1784- Asiatic society was started
1833- Wood’s dispatch
1857- 1] The first Indian war of independence
          2] India was now directly ruled by the throne of England
          3] Three new universities were started in Kolkata, Madras, and Mumbai.
1876- Indian Association for Cultivation of Science (IACS).
1907- C V Raman joins the IACS.
1915-Science college was started by Ashutosh Mukherjee.
1917- Raman joins the college as a professor resigning the highly paid post in the government.
1928- Raman discovered the secondary scattering of light.
1930- Raman got the Nobel prize for his work on Raman effect.
C V Raman became the first scientist to get Bharata Ratna.
Raman effect is widely used even today like in the fields of geology , material science , purity of diamond and many more.

 Application of Raman Effect -
  • Geology
  • Material Science 
  • Petrochemistry , polymers
  • Pharmaceutical Industry
  • Nuclear Science
  • Forensic Science
World science day
World science is celebrated in February 28. It is celebrated in the memory of Raman discovery of Raman effect.

 Today we were also introduced to scientists like

CV RAMAN- Mahendra Lal Sarkar established IACS(Indian Association of Cultivation of Science).
·       Raman joined the IACS in 1917.
·       Raman entered as a Folic Professor  at  Kolkata University.
·       He discovered the scattering of light using a prism . He received Nobel Prize for this discovery in 1930.

   We also got a brief information about some of the famous Indian Scientists like:







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