Friday, April 29, 2016

49th Annual Summer School day 4: 28-04-2016: Field Trip to Maiyya's Food company and Beverages Pvt.Ltd.

Every Homo sapiens cravingly dines
Even behind this acts our science

The above is what we nay explored in today’s field trip to the biggest competing food producer of the state-  maiyya’s food company and beverages Instilling a ‘scientific temper’ we entered , only to find a hygiene check at the entrance. We were given a pair of feet-cover ,hair caps and a mouth mask. Moving ahead, our first visit was to the spice and snacks unit. Maiyya’s has come up with brand new products in this part namely – fruit & nut bar, bhelpuri bar and a rasam cube. All these have a same basic science behind their making and finishing.

A vessel with the mixture pouring down into a compressor which then cuts them into the cubical shapes. The second unit we inspected was that of the beverages.  Today’s specialty , was the 'badam milk'.  It consisted of canning mill and filling mill.  The packed beverages then undergo the effect of NANOTECHNOLOGY.  They are heated with intense temperature of 120 degree Celsius until the food turns ‘patho-free’ to attain a shelf-life about an year.  Is science helping in safety?  Yes!

Then came the “ready to eat” kitchen.  Study and research of science has accelerated technology, and technology has fostered employment, reversely to a workaholic population. 
In the present scenario, All that a man needs is “fast food” to pop up instantly.  Maiyya’s ready to eat does exactly the same.  Another considerable fact is the absolute zero use of artificial preservatives like BHA(butylated hydroxyl tuolene), BHT(butylated hydroxyl anisole), benzoates or polysulphates in this process.
Another instance of applied science is the flushing of 90% of Nitrogen in the Packets of maiyya’s chakkli, kodubele, bhakharwada and more.  When we asked ourselves why? We remembered it’s because of “rancidity”.

The next complex we visited was the tongue-pleasing sweets.  We saw the making of soan papdi in 4 different flavours.  The viscous sugar syrup was being made in the churner and soan papdi threads and strands in the pulling machine.  The aroma in the room was just teasing our nostrils.

Another instant way of food consumption and preservation is the “freezing technique”.  Maiyya’s owns this too. The hot fryums are made to pass through spiral refrigerator with a lowest temperature of -35 to -40 degree celsius.  This gives the primary foods a shelf-life of about 6 months or more.

The steel cans used for packaging are served to Maiyya’s by an iron and steel company called “metcan”.  Moreover, the packets in which the fryums are sealed and zipped are four –layered quadripacks; each layer with its own function. The spices unit which prepared seasonings like rasam powder and sambar powder showed us tunnel shape vessels called silos.  The ingredients are designed to be mixed in the silo through a  PLC software program. This is how every machine is autonomous with the effect of transmission of the branch computer science in food technology.
Moreover the phenomenon of electromagnetism is yet another application working behind the movement of conveyor belts.  These belts are the backbone of the motile food production.
Science Science here and there,
Science Science everywhere.

This factory is the only producing unit of Maiyya’s in India. Maiyya’s pvt ltd employes about 350-400 workers per unit with a turnout of 150 crore per annum. This company owned by DR. P SADANANDA MAIYYA has an over all production of 300-350 tonnes of food and beverages extending its transports to about 30 countries over the globe and 10 states in the state. To reach bigger heights, Maiyya’s has aimed to touch a turnover of 250 crores for this year 2016.  Indeed, science has the power to start a livelihood, run lives and sustain the planet. Thus a new version of the science definition can be immortality.
Such was our experience today in the arena of food technology!
We thus owe our new learnings and expeditions to  Bangalore Science Forum- summer camp and all honourable scientists and  lecturers of the national college sincerely.
Let the vision of SCIENTIFIC TEMPERAMENT be in FACT and not just a FICTION.

Report by:
Sanjana B.A.
Ananya K.V.
Keerthana K
Nagarjun S.G.

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