Friday, May 5, 2017

Day 11. Talk on Biometrics by Dr.Y.C.Kamala

The 11th day of ‘Bangalore Science Forum’ that is on the 5th of may 2017.. The talk of the day was given by DR.Y.C.kamala, an eminent Science resource person, she is the director of Annual Summer School in Science and also a faculty of the physics department of  National College Basavanagudi. She  widened our  knowledge horizon with a talk on BIOMETRICS. As all of us know  A journey of thousand miles begins with a single step. She took us step by step through the journey of BIOMETRICS ,beginning from the first step that is the definition of BIOMETRICS that “it is the automated use of behavioral and physiological characteristics to determine and verify an identity.” 
She took us through the wonderful evolution of BIOMETRICS. Right from the stage of signatures and fingerprints to the modern era of machineries, that is the machineries used in Aadhar Card works on the principles of BIOMETRICS ,she outlined BIOMETRICS as BIO meaning LIFE and METRICS  meaning MEASUREMENTS. She also described the need of Biometrics and the important role it Plays in the companies, Aadhar Offices etc. she sketched the need of BIOMETRIC AUTHENTICATION and glimpsed the FRAUDS IN THE INDUSTRY such as the frauds happening during the money transactions in ATMs  etc. she gave us a gist of the necessity of BIOMETRIC APPLICATION, its role in preventing the stealing of possessions that mark Authorized persons. 
She then distinguished between  IDENTIFICATION and AUTHENTICATION. That IDENTIFICATION determines the identity of a person whereas AUTHENTICATION determines whether the person is indeed the same person. And presented us the types of biometrics like Fingerprints, Face Recognitions, hand geometry, iris scan, voice scan, signatures, retina scan, odour, D.N.A etc. she gave us the types of fingerprints such as Arch, Loop,Whoorl. She acknowledged the desired properties such as UNIVERSALITY, COLLECTABILITY, UNIQUENESS, PERFORMANCE, USER’S ACCEPTABILITY etc she specified information concerning to MULTIMODEL BIOMETRICS and the PATTERN RECOGNITION CONCEPT she also described about  FAR-false acceptance rate and FAR-false acceptance rate. SO TOTALLY IT WAS A VERY INTERESTING AND A VERY INFORMATIVE TALK. 

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