Monday, May 1, 2017

Day 7: Visit to NIMHANS

Day 7 : 1st May , 2017

       Today we all were eagerly waiting to explore the NIMHANS Brain Museum . It was held in 2 sessions namely girls session ( from 9:30 AM to 12:30 PM ) and boys session ( from 2:00 PM to 4:00 PM ). Everyone were quite interested to know about our Brain.
        The session was headed by Dr.Anitha Mahadevan and Team Prof.Department of Neuropathy , NIMHANS , Banglore.
         The class started with a small introduction about evolution of human brain . Then we got to see the specimens' of brains' of cow, hen, snake, owl, partot, etc. It was quite suprising to see the brain of the foetus!
 Dr.Anitha explained the complexity in the structure of the brain among different animals . Then there was a brief discussion about human brain and its parts .The discussion continued regarding the functions of each part of the brain . We were surprised to know that each and every part of the brain has a specific function !

 Then came the terrible topic -  'The Brain Diseases'. There are absolutely many number of diseases from which a man can suffer from . Some of the diseases like Meningitis , Mucornycosis are caused by fungi . Viruses cause a disease called Encephalitis . Some diseases are genetically acquired too. We could see the specimens' of these brain disorders in museum .
          There had always been a talk that the government hospitals usually go for CT Scan over MRI because it is cheap . It is actually not true .CT Scan combines a series of X-Ray images taken from different angles whereas the MRI shows abnormal tissue clearly . So ,it is not the cost ,it is actually the diordet which decides which test is to be done.
            You do hav to bilieve me now.In the next session we got to touch the brain, kidneys, heart and interstine...! It was a lifetime opportunity . Mam then explained more about the brain by showing the neurons in the brain.
             Overall it was a complete knowledgeable and funfilled day.

-By Kavitha MS
       (Group 7 , BSF Summer School ,2017)

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