Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Day 8:Visit to IIIT-B

Report  by group-8


In Sanskrit , a saying goes......
“vidhyarthinah tyajeth sukham .
Sukharthinah tyajeth vidhyam.”

This means the ones who want to gain knowledge have to leave aside all the pleasures and the ones who want to indulge in worldly pleasures would never gain knowledge.
The visit to IIIT-B (International Institute of Information Technology) was really eye opening and exciting.We gathered at IIIT-b with lots of curiosity .A group photo was taken and then we were led to the seminar hall by the volunteers from IIIT.
The program was anchored by Prof.Dinesh. Dr. S.Sadagopan, the director of the institute addressed us. He gave interesting anecdotes and enlightened us about India's position in the IT field.He said IT is India's Tomorrow. This really motivated us towards IT field. Then there was a very informative talk about IM.Tech course by Prof. Madhava Rao. Then there was a very informative talk on electronics by Prof.Chethan. 

After tea, the sessions continued. We had a very exciting and enthralling talk by Prof.Sujith Chakraborti about the difficulties of software development. The last and most educative talk was by Prof.Amit prakash about IT and society.We also saw some vedios on IIIT-B and  about how IIIT students have made robots and other scientific models.Another   interesting video was   “A day made of glass” which showcased how our near future would be with the help of information technology.  After the seminar we had lunch.

Soon after the lunch we were shown some interesting robots ,like the one which could detect  the black line and move accordingly ,and we were also shown another robot which could clean the house and it had a peculiar feature that when it bumps into any obstacle then it changes its direction .       After than we were shown 3D printing in which the plastic was used up to a 3D object, and its motto was “ you design, we create “.They had made many such   3D objects like Eiffel tower, the layers of earth , a man ,and many others.     After that again a group photo was taken .We all learnt of how vast IT is and how we can explore it. We being  India’s tomorrow have to realize this.

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