Thursday, April 27, 2017

Day:4: Mathematics Activity

This is the report of day 4 by group 4-Tushar U and group.

Mrs. Kamala ma'am introduced Dr. Srivatsa. S. K, an expert in the field of electronics. Then Dr. Srivatsa began to interact with the students by first asking them to solve a  few puzzles. Sir then asked the students to solve an anagram. The students could solve both of these in a jiffy. Sir then told us about the topics that he would discuss during the day like electronics,magnetism and fluids. He then told us that one should explain a concept in a small time with simplicity.He showed many quotes of many famous scientists such as Newton, Galileo amd Einstein. 

He said that while approaching science, one should have curiosity, clarity, competence and connectivity. The students were listening to him with rapt attention. Sir said that these approaches had different effects such as observation, experimentation, modelling.  talked about the observations of Galileo Kepler and Rutherford. Sir showed us a very interesting clip, showing what happens when two objects of the same masses are left to fall from the same height in a vacuum chamber. The result was that both the two objects fall down and the same time.  He explained to us the result of the clip.He explained to us the Rutherford's experiment showing the deflection of Alpha particles.

 He then told that we were going to conduct some activities. All of us were excited. The first activity involve the use of a rubber band in which we needed to stretch the rubber band and place it on our lips. We then felt some heat on our lips due to the stretching of the bonds between the carbon atoms in the rubber band which released energy in the form of heat. We then released the stretch rubber bands and placed it on our lips. The observation was that our lips felt cool. 

Sir then spoke about Coulomb's laws. He then spoke about electricity and Magnetism. He then demonstrated an experiment with the help of one of his students. This experiment involved a Tesla coil in which he brought a tubelight close to the Tesla coil and the tube light started to grow immediately. This blew our minds. He then asked us to feel the heat at the tip of the tesla coil one by one. Dr.Srivatsa then demonstrated an experiment which involved a robot which follows a line.Dr.Srivatsa then demonstrated an experiment based on the topic Home Automation in which the switching on and off of the lights in a house can be controlled with the help of a mobile . The intensity of the light could also be controlled with the help of the mobile.

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