Friday, April 28, 2017

Day 5: Visit to JNCASR

This is GROUP 5 from the Bangalore science forum summer school(2017).Our report is regarding the field visit to JAWAHARALAL NEHRU CENTRE FOR ADVANCED SCIENTIFIC RESEARCH.It is a multidisciplinary research institute situated in Jakkur, a locality in the  north of Bangalore, India. It is relatively young yet well-known around the Globe. This Centre was established in 1989 by the Department of Science and Technology of the Government of India, to mark the birth centenary of Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru. Researchers at the Centre are divided into nine units: Chemistry and Physics of Materials, Educational Technology, Engineering Mechanics, Evolutionary and Integrative Biology, Geo-dynamics, Molecular Biology and Genetics, New Chemistry, Neuroscience, Theoretical Sciences.

We were fortunate enough to get an opportunity  to visit this wonderful institution.This visit was initiated by Dr.Y.C.Kamala ma'am and team.We had to assemble at the college by 7:45AM and departed approximately by 8:30 , we reached the venue by 9:15-30AM. It was a short fuzzy travel by bus.As we got down our buses the sight was completely unusual and very new to us.We were asked to be seated in a hall for the lecture which was given by Chandrabas Narayana. His lecture was about Light and Matter.At the beginning he asked us a few questions like:-
  • What happens when light falls on a material ?
  • Why are sky and sea blue ?
  • How do we see things ?
He briefly explained properties such as reflection,refraction,transmission,luminescence,absorption,inelastic scattering,elastic scattering of light.He explained the Raman Effect discovered by C.V.Raman and his student Krishnan which is the change of wavelength exhibited by some of the radiation scattered in a medium.After the lecture we were taken to the various laboratories present in the research centre. We visited about 8 laboratories and curiously gazed at those equipments present in the labs. The Laboratories which we visited are as follows :-
·         TEM(Transmission Electron Microscope)-It is an electron microscope which is very huge and complicated .It has a capacity to view upto 1.7 Angstrom, this microscope can fetch images by passing electrons through the specimen at high velocities by applying a potential difference from 300-400Kv.
·         SEM(Scanning Electron Microscope)-This microscope was similar to the TEM but could fetch resolutions only upto 60-70nM.We saw images of various specimens including insects,metals,etc.
·         Human Tissue culture -This lab was the place where human tissues were cultured in a sterile environment such that there is no disruption in the growth of tissue .This lab could be entered by very few authorized people and the room was connected to air purifiers such that there is no infection.
·         HIV-AIDS Lab -This Laboratory was mainly designed to find cure for the deadly disease AIDS caused by HIV virus. This lab consisted centrifugal machines ,Incubators, Refrigerators, DNA and Bacterial cells.
·          Dispersion of Light – Here the Raman’s Effect was experimentally proved by a laser and various instruments. Here we could see different wavelenghts of light.
·         FESCM:- Here researchers made various equipments for devices which had to be done in a very sterile environment where even sunlight was filtered through films and the person who entered this lab had to wear a lab suit and had to undergo a sterile shower which would kill all the bacteria on the body.
·         Photo-electronics:- Here we got to know about various gadgets internal display , How it was made and what additions could be done to improve it and what adverse effects these modern gadgets caused our human body.
·         Nano-Particles Lab:- This place was all about Nano-particles and its properties.Each substance at its Nano size had different properties like as everyone know gold is yellow in colour whereas at its nano-liquid state it is brown in colour and this could be engineered to enter our body and the particular part to kill the cancer cells.
These were the laboratories which we visited at Jawaharlal Nehru Centre For Advanced Scientific Research .It was a very interesting tour towards modern science and technology. It lit up our mind and brought enthusiasm towards science and technology.We thank the Bangalore Science Forum for providing us such an opportunity.
                                                  THANK YOU
Group 5 : -
Sathya Skanda B M
Anand Theertha

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