Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Day 2: Prof.Harish Bhat

Report of day 2 by .G N  Samrudda, Yashwanth,Mukunda M, Bharath, Bhavana

This was the first day after the inauguration day. Today one of the resourceful person Prof. Harish Bhat had come to provide us some resourceful knowledge about science. He gave us a very interesting knowledge about science which showed us that we are nothing in front of many smaller insects. The way of his explanation was to the top. We understood everything very easily which we could not do in our school days. He taught us about ants, termites,grasshoppers, spiders,and many other things. Really it was a very interesting subject which we learnt today. Not only this much he also made us to do many models based on these topics. This models gave us many information which was not known earlier. So in this we thought a lot, enjoyed and worked together as a team and finally finished it. All the 15 groups then came and explained about their own models this helped us a lot to improve our thinking skills and we got to know about our own capability.And the project goes like this:
2.Miniature table
3. Hexabridge
4.Octocam and book pen holder
6.Table and robot
7.water conserving bridge
8.foldable bridge
10.Hexagonal shaped book shelf
12. Octo lamp
13. wheel chair
14. octocam
These were the topics that was presented today... Everything was fine and good here but the only problem was about time.So we conclude that we enjoyed a lot and learnt many things and would like to continue.

Few photos taken during the activity time:

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