Monday, April 24, 2017

Inauguration of 50th Annual Summer School in Science 2017

This year is the 50th year of Annual Summer School in Science conducted by Bangalore Science Forum. The report of the day's activity by group 1,  penned by Shashank HR and team.

BSF day one report by group 1 

The program was held in the Dr H.N . Multimedia hall , The National college, Basavanagudi, Bangalore .
We were very excited about the camp and about the activities and lectures. At 9.30 AM the program began introduction to the Bangalore Science Forum Summer School by Dr.Y.C.Kamala which included the following key points:
 The BSF was started in the year 1962. 
2- the founder of BSF is LATE    PADMABHUSHANA Dr . H . NARASIMHAIAH
3- The Current President of BSF is Dr . A.H Rama Rao

Dr. H.N was always attending the music festival at Fort High school grounds in Bangalore. When he  came to know that there was no one month long festival for science, he decided  to start annual science festival on the month of July, & they decided to conduct a summer school in Science for students in Class for 7th & 10th standard students in the month of April and May.

When we heard about the anecdotes of many great people who came to this place we felt we are extremely lucky to be a part of the camp, that too in its golden Jubilee celebrations.

The guest speaker of the day was Smt.Sumangala Mummigatti , Program executive, in charge head at FM rainbow 101.3 FM Air Bangalore and national awardee for science communication.
We came to know  about the importance of science & why we have to learn science, its avenues, advantages and merits.
The Presidential Address was given by Prof. Nagaraj Reddy ,Retd. professor of Psychology and Secretary of BangaloreScience Forum. He gave valuable insights about studying science and distinguishing myth and reality. 

And then Kamala Mam introduced another 3 coordinator's of BSF , they are
1- Lakshmi Mam
2- Sundar Sir
3- Jahnavi Mam

After all this Jahnavi Mam made us a 15 group's of 5 members, & Lakshmi Mam gave the instructions about how the camp will function. We received feedback form from the Jahnavi Mam, we have to write our feedback in that form in the scale of 1 is the lowest & 5 is the highest .and they also gave a glimpse about the field visits
1- Jawaharlal Nehru center for advanced scientific research

The session ended with other instructions.

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